Staff & Board

The Daystar Staff

  • Melissa Trevathan, MRE
    Executive Director

    Melissa is Daystar's founder and Executive Director. She does assessments, oversees groups, leads our retreats, teaches adult classes, and holds private counseling sessions.

  • Sissy Goff, M.Ed, LPC-MHSP
    Director of Child & Adolescent Counseling,
    Director of Summer Programs

    Sissy spends her time in individual counseling, leading our girls' groups, and teaching parenting classes. She is also the Director of Summer Programs and our staff writer.

  • David Thomas, LMSW
    Director of Family Counseling

    David works with boys on an individual basis, meets with parents for consultations and teaches parenting classes in the Nashville community and beyond.


  • David Denton, MA, LPC-MHSP, TBRI Trained
    Director of Adoption and Special Needs

    David works with boys and young men individually and in group sessions. He is also a TBRI trained counselor. 

  • Emma Soechting, LPC-MHSP, TBRI Trained
    Girls' Counselor

    Emma counsels many young girls and adolescents through individual and group counseling. She is also a TBRI trained counselor. 

  • Sherman Bucher, MA
    Director of Groups

    Sherman sees boys of all ages, leading groups and on an individual basis.

  • Molly Howell, MS
    Art Therapist & Girls' Counselor

    Molly is our art therapist at Daystar, using art as a means to work with girls of all ages in both group and individual counseling.

  • Tommy Hart, LMSW
    Boys' Counselor, Director of Boys Camp

    Tommy counsels boys individually as well as in groups.  He also leads the boys at Hopetown during the summer.

  • Lauren Sotelo, MA, MFTI
    Girls' Counselor
  • Chelsea Keyser, M.Ed
    Girls' Counselor
  • Alex Hopkins, MA
    Boys' Counselor
  • Bailey Pantoja, MFT
    Girls' Counselor
  • Allye Gray
    Counseling Intern

    Lipscomb University Graduate Student

  • Catherine Godwin
    Counseling Intern

    UT Masters of Social Work Graduate Student

  • Hannah Welbourn
    Counseling Intern

    UT Masters of Social Work Graduate Student

  • Caleb DeVolld
    Counseling Intern

    Trevecca Graduate Student

  • LeAnn Nichols
    Development Coordinator
  • Katie Bomar
    Development Staff
  • Pace Verner
    Development Consultant
  • Kerry Watkins
    Business Manager
  • Mary Berndt
    Operations Director
  • Susan Berthiaume
    Account Manager
  • Mary Killett
    Office Assistant
  • Aaron Weber

The Daystar Pets

  • Blueberry Pancake
    The Sheepdog
  • Lucy
    The Havanese
  • Owen
    The Yellow Lab
  • Noel (1992-2008)
    The Maltese, our first pet therapist
  • Molasses (1997-2009)
    The Sheepdog
  • Jonah (1997-2010)
    The Black Lab

The Hopetown Staff

Daystar Interns

Cristiana Shipma, Development Intern, Auburn University

Hopetown Senior Staff

Melissa Trevathan, M.R.E. 
Sissy Goff, M.Ed, LPC-MHSP
Kathleen Weber
Aaron Weber
Katie Bomar
Chelsea Keyser, M.Ed
Tommy Hart, LMSW
Alex Hopkins, MA

Hopetown Summer Interns

Grace Bomar
Mallory Horncastle
Sarah Nichols
Kenneth Littleton
Connor Brown
Ellen Radcliff
Brittany Brown
Caroline Coggin
Elizabeth Calton
Charlotte Wallace

The Daystar Board

Board of Directors

Mrs. Jane Smith, Chairman
Ms. Melissa Trevathan, Ex-Officio
Mrs. Jackie Brown
Mrs. Jill Ettinger
Mr. Jim Knestrick
Mr. Jon Lucas
Mrs. Katie Moore
Mr. Forrest Perkins
Mrs. Lauren Rupley
Mr. Mark Sullivan
Mrs. Emily Tulloch

Honorary Board

Mr. Trace Blankenship
Mrs. Mimi Heldman
Mrs. Corinne Kidd
Mrs. Carissa Pereira
Mr. Gif Thornton
Mrs. Donna VanHooydonk


Advisory Board 

Dr. Dan Allender
Mrs. Nita Andrews
Dr. Nancy Beveridge
Mrs. Nancy Brasher
Mr. Sigmund Brouwer
Mrs. Cindy Morgan Brouwer
Mrs. Amy Grant
Mrs. Elena Graves
Ms. Lisa Harper
Mr. Terry Hemmings
Mrs. Robbie Jackson
Ms. Belle Johnson
Mrs. Pepper Magargee
Mrs. Debbie Alan McCurdy
Mr. Bruce McCurdy
Ms. Bunny Porter-Shirley
Mr. John VanHooydonk
Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace