A December Thank You 2017


There had been stars

Year after desert year,

A cold light

And a distant

For stars are never near.


Until the light

That lighted all the world

Consented to be born.


The night He came

The stars swung low

And sang

As morning stars had sung

Creation's morn.


So sing we now.


We sing the bright

And morning star

Shining among us,

Banishing our night.

-Elizabeth B. Rooney


Night.  We all know what it's like to feel surrounded by night.  Quiet.  Alone.  Long.  We wait and wait for one small light to come.  Anything.  Just a little light to see by.  To bring us hope.

Each child, each family who comes to Daystar is living in the midst of just such a night.  They're waiting.  Longing for just a flicker of light.  The darkness may be anxiety...depression...the loss of someone they love...bullying...or simply feeling alone every single day at school.  Whatever their night looks like, though, the effects are the same.  They feel isolated.  And hopeless. 

Daystar Counseling was first named years before Melissa started Daystar, from a group of friends sitting around imagining what could one day be.  They talked about a place for kids...for teenagers and families.  A place where they could come and share their hearts, be reminded they're not alone, and find a little light in the darkness.  The verse that God brought to them that day was 2 Peter 1:19 that says "...a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the Daystar rises in your hearts."

Since 1985, it is has been our mission to be such a light.  In fact, we consider ourselves a sort-of-Christmas ministry.  It's not just because we love the tinsel and garland that has been beautifully strewn throughout our halls (although we'd love for you to come visit and see it).  It's not just because we have a fundraiser called Evening in December where we get to come together to sing and share and celebrate Christ's birth.  But it's because each day we get to help bring light into the darkness of children and families.  Currently, we serve over 1500 families, and not one family is ever turned away because of their inability to pay.

Through individual counseling, group counseling, and summer sessions in Nashville and Hopetown, we get to come alongside children and families and offer hope.  We get to remind them of the Daystar, that banishes all of our darkness.  We are honored for your part in our ministry.  Thank you for being light for us and for them.  We are honored to stand and sing with you. 

Merry Christmas.  Wishing you joy, hope and rest in the Light that has come among us.