A November Thank You 2017


"And now we give you thanks because in coming to dwell among us as man, he revealed the radiance of your glory and brought us out of darkness into your marvellous light."                      -The Liturgical Commission of England

This is a season of great darkness...maybe more than ever before in the 32 years Daystar Counseling Ministries has been in existence.  Just a day in our offices would convince you of that. 

...the children, as young as 8 years old who are talking about "not wanting to be here anymore"

...the girls and boys who can no longer even make it to school they're so paralyzed by anxiety

...the teenagers who feel like they don't have one friend, and are reminded every day of that isolating fact on social media

...the parents who feel lost and afraid

We hear these stories every single day.  We hear them in individual counseling and group counseling with kids from 2nd through 12th grades.  We hear them in parent consults, with parents whose children are too young to even come to counseling.  Daystar currently serves over 1500 families who are living in this kind of darkness.  But, darkness does not have the final say.

It's what Christmas is all about.  It's what Daystar happens to be all about, too.  We have the privilege of being bearers of light.  We get to come alongside the children and families who walk through our doors and remind them that there is hope.  Depression, anxiety, bullying...none of it defines them.  Darkness does not have the final say. 

Thank you for being bearers of light, too...for us and for them.  Your support of our ministry helps us never turn away any family because of an inability to pay for counseling.  We're grateful.  And honored to celebrate the marvelous light with you this Christmas season.  He has come among us.  And now we give Him, and you, thanks.

Merry Christmas.