An Update From Daystar Aug 10, 2017



Thursday, August 10, 2017

Following local news reports on Wednesday, August 9, regarding the lawsuit filed in Williamson County Circuit Court against Brentwood Academy and some of its staff members by John Doe and Jane Doe, we have received numerous inquiries asking us about the allegations regarding Daystar's involvement with the family filing the lawsuit. Daystar is not a party to the lawsuit but has reviewed the contents of the complaint filed by the family and its attorney.  

Our board of directors and staff believe that it is very important to quickly provide you with accurate information, and we have provided a portion of this statement to certain media outlets who have requested it. 

The allegations that Daystar did not properly comply with state law requirements for reporting abuse are false.  When we became aware of inappropriate activity in 2015, we responded immediately and thoroughly, cooperated fully with the authorities, and took appropriate action based on what we knew.  

Disturbing allegations about Daystar in the lawsuit, which were highlighted in the media, are not factual.  Certain statements attributed to a former employee of Daystar are simply not true.  Based on our policy of not discussing details of lawsuits and our obligation to maintain the privacy of former and current clients, we will not elaborate on additional details.

We should note that the information reported in the media is based on what was written by the family and its attorney in the complaint filed with the court.  The document does not, however, include a response by Daystar to each allegation. If, and to the extent that, Daystar is required to provide testimony or other information in the lawsuit, we intend to vigorously set the record straight.

We want to re-assure all of our clients, families, friends, and supporters of the following:

  • Our staff members are trained about mandatory reporting and comply with the law.  When we are made aware of a matter that needs to be reported, we do so without delay.
  • We take any allegations involving the safety of our clients, as well as Daystar's compliance with applicable law, very seriously.
  • If you are concerned about these allegations or are in conversation with others who are concerned, please be assured that Daystar timely responded in 2015 and cooperated fully at that time and thereafter with investigations by the authorities as we became aware of the facts discussed in the lawsuit.
  • We will respect the confidentiality and privacy of our current and former clients and their families. 

Daystar's mission is to offer the hope of Christ to children, adolescents and families in need, and we remain dedicated to serving our community with encouragement and support.  We are called to work with families facing significant crisis and deep wounds in a fallen world.  We understand that allegations about Daystar in the lawsuit and news reports you have read and heard would be alarming to anyone, especially to the families who have entrusted us with helping them and to our friends and donors who profoundly encourage us every day with their support and prayers.  Our staff and board of directors believe that it is important to re-assure our clients, their families, and our ministry's friends and supporters by responding quickly to these untrue allegations about Daystar.  We hope you will join us in praying for all of the parties involved in the litigation and for all of the families we seek to help and serve every day.